What Does The Word "Quality Inspection" Refer To

  • What is quality inspection,and how often does it occur? We'll find out in this post! (before production, during and after production). Buyers often employ quality inspection methods to ensure the items they acquire are up to snuff. Inquiries about quality inspections should be sent to the International Product Quality Control Organization. In this article, we are going to detail the world "quality inspection"

    What is quality control?
    The word "quality inspection" refers to the process of examining, confirming, measuring, and testing items to see whether they meet specified specifications. Instead of quality audit, the word "quality inspection" refers to the process of verifying the contents of a product. It examines, for example, the manufacturing process and its associated systems.
    Predetermined inspection lists based on product requirements are often used by quality inspection agents, also known as quality inspection operators or inspectors. As an alternative, items may be examined throughout the manufacturing process, including at the beginning, midway through, and at the end.

    Do you know who can test it?
    The buyer's quality controller will choose a third-party inspection firm to conduct quality checks.
    There are three main forms of quality control inspection.
    This supplier's goods may be checked for quality in three different ways by the buyer. Every organization has to choose the finest option for its unique situation.

    Before-the-fact testing (initial production inspection)

    • So what exactly are we talking about here? pre production inspection is an initial inspection of inputs and raw materials that will be used to manufacture a specific product.
    • What causes them: input random samples can be visually inspected or sent to the test laboratory. In this case, the company can define which inputs are acceptable to ensure the quality of the final product.
    • Advantages: strengthen the quality control of inputs in the production chain and reduce the risks related to recall, loss and defects.

    During inspection ("online inspection" or "in process")

    • What it is: online inspection is a kind of verification carried out in the manufacturing process, so that the company can better identify errors and ensure the quality of all products.
    • How they happen: during the manufacturing process, the first batch of off-line products can be checked so that the company can obtain the quality report of representative samples to determine whether these products meet the established product quality standards.
    • Advantage: it enables the company to identify defects and repair them quickly, avoiding the cost of loss of the whole production.

    Post production inspection (final or pre shipment inspection)

    • What it is: final inspection is a kind of verification of finished products, so that the company can analyze the quality of all products produced.
    • How it happens: after manufacturing, samples of final products can be collected randomly to verify whether they meet the previously established quality standards. When a company exports products, calculating the quantity of products and batch storage may be part of this process.
    • Advantages: they guarantee more reliable results because they are carried out in the final product, indicating that they have gone through all stages of production without losing the expected quality.