Every New Game Feature Confirmed for NBA 2K22

  • NBA 2K22 will be releasing on September 10, but some of its new features have been previewed ahead of its launch. Here's what's coming to the game.

    MyTeamBuild your dream team on Day 1, with new content and features coming in for every new Season.

    On-The-Court Improvements

    Offensive and defensive changes are both being introduced to on-the-court gameplay in NBA 2K22, allowing players to take more direct control over not only how their team scores points but also how they counter moves. A closer look at these changes is set to come out alongside NBA 2K22's first gameplay reveal trailer, but the features preview also outlines a few of them. The shot contest and blocking system on the defensive side have been entirely reworked in NBA 2K22. New signatures moves and combos are likewise being introduced to offensive players, and many of these elements have been altered to be more skill-based than in previous games.


    Across fan-favorite experiences, Seasons will allow players to extend and enhance their hoop ambitions long after the game’s launch with more content, more rewards, and more ways to play


    DRAFT – MyTeam: DRAFT returns in NBA 2K22, allowing you to select a complete lineup from a constantly updated pool of players. Whoever you draft, compete with your lineup against other players over multiplayer gameplay to earn rewards for your MyTEAM Collection.

    EXPERIENCE THE EVOLUTION OF MyTEAM – New features will arrive on Day 1 for MyTEAM, but the product will continuously evolve with new features, new challenges, events, and rewards as new Seasons roll in, keeping the game fresh all yearlong.

    CROSS-GEN PROGRESS & COLLECTION – While NBA 2K22 won’t be cross-gen save compatible, your MyTEAM progress and collections will be transferable between cross-gen consoles of the same family. That means you can keep your MyTEAM progress and VC Wallet across your console family

    New Neighborhood

    On PlayStation®4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC platforms, players will compete in an all-new Neighborhood built on the spacious decks of a sailing cruise ship

    New City*

    The biggest online basketball community is getting a makeover. Step into an all-new City teeming with life, activity, and interactivity;


    In NBA 2K22, team management is about more than just the players on the court; it’s about the personnel that scout them, train them, and coach them. MyNBA/MyWNBA players can build the winningest franchise by making sure the staffing is just as strong as the hooping.

    What are NBA 2K22 MT ?

    MT or MyTeam coins are the in-game currency for NBA 2K’s MyTeam mode, which was first introduced in NBA 2K13. It can be used to buy all the player cards in the game’s Auction House. Earning them requires you to complete various challenges, purchase packs, and sell unwanted player cards on the Auction House. Winning online matches also gives players huge amounts of MT coins as rewards.

    Unlike VC (Virtual Currency) in NBA 2K, MT coins can be only used in MyTeam and not any other in-game modes. It’s also worth mentioning that your MT balance won’t transfer to newer NBA 2K games.

    The game allows the purchase of MT Coins through microtransactions, but it can be quite heavy on the wallet. However, there’s an alternate way you can obtain NBA 2K MT at significantly cheaper prices, and it is RSVSR.

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