Players will get Sorceres class when Lost Ark Western is releas

  • At present, there is still a lot of news about Lost Ark Western, because players want to know what form the game will appear in when it is released. In the server test in early November, many European and American players participated in the process and expressed their opinions on Lost Ark in the community. At present, players complain most about the lack of western class fantasy mage in the traditional sense in the game. If you have played a Korean server, you will find that the developer recently added the Sorceress class to the game. Therefore, Lost Ark Western's publisher Amazon and Smilegate have reached a partnership to ensure that the game will provide players with this class when the game is released in Europe and the United States.

    In fact, Sorceress appeared on Lost Ark's South Korean server as early as August of this year. It is part of the main update of the game. Sorceress is the fourth subclass amongst the mage archetype and has left a deep impression on many Korean players. After several months of experience, most Korean players currently believe that Sorceress is highly playable. The embarrassment is that the Sorceress in the Russian server is not an optional class, although players in the region seem to be more familiar with the concept of a sorceress.

    According to official reports, Lost Ark will log on to Europe and the United States in February next year. Players located in the West also want to get Sorceress class, because it fits the image of mage in the fantasy world more than other mage classes. Unfortunately, the developers have not done this so far. If you want to experience mage classes now, you can only choose between Bard and Summoner. We usually don't think of these two classes when talking about mage, because Bard is positioned as a supporter in the team, while Summoner mainly relies on charging horses, butterflies and giant beasts as offensive methods.

    In order to ensure that players in Europe and the United States can get a more localized mage class, so that the game can bring players a more warm feeling. Amazon decided to establish a partnership with Smilegate. This part of the content is really important to European and American players, so the publisher wants to let Lost Ark Western get this feature. So far, the Western version of Lost Ark is getting a less crazy cash shop, new languages, and now a class more fitting to our shared cultures and fantasies.

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