April 7 will see season 3 of Rocket League released

  • NASCAR and Formula 1 racing are greater popular than ever, despite the COVID-19 pandemic. With Rocket League Trading Prices drivers and cars gaining near-movie star renown, the 2 types of racing will now lend their motors to the modern day season of the online game Rocket League.

    April 7 will see season 3 of Rocket League released, but it won’t be till early- and mid-May that the brand new NASCAR and Formula 1 motors may be delivered, respectively. Each vehicle will include its personal bundle, and be accompanied via a new competitor vehicle known as ‘Tyranno.’

    Along with the new automobiles there may also be a new track, dubbed DFH Stadium (Circuit), which fits more with the subject of the race automobiles. The path can be added to both the Casual and Competitive playlists, and available for Freeplay and Private Matches as properly.

    Both varieties of motorsport desire that the inclusion of the vehicles in the game will bring greater interest to the actual game, in a formerly-untapped realm. Once the contemporary season is Rocket League Item Prices launched, there could be a brand new Competition Season and Competitive Tournament Rewards.