The Esports Observer obtained a letter from Psyonix to the thir

  • Following the latest esports news when thirteen Rocket League Championship Series teams drafted a letter to Psyonix to whinge about the state of Rocket League Trading the RLCS, Psyonix issued a large response. Teams who sent their list of complaints expected a response from Psyonix to address their grievances but got extra than they asked for. The sport publisher plans to revamp the entire Rocket League esports scene, shifting it to an open circuit layout.

    The Esports Observer obtained a letter from Psyonix to the thirteen RLCS groups, revealing the news.The letter outlines the modifications made to Rocket League’s esports structure. In a calendar year, there could be 3 splits in line with season where each break up holds 3 regional events. For every cut up, six local events will take vicinity across North America and Europe. At the quit of every season (3 splits), an international fundamental occurs with a global championship in the direction of the give up. With those changes, Psyonix plans to hold many esports occasions.

    Performance in events will award points to collaborating RLCS groups. However, the same teams that fans are used to gained’t be competing. Cloud9 already expressed their motive to RL Trading depart the Rocket League esports scene because of growing fees. Their roster disbands as Mariano “Squishy” Arruda joins NRG.