How To Upgrade Equipment In World Of Warcraft

  • The equipment in World of Warcraft can be said to be too important, and the reason why many gameplays attract players is precisely because of the powerful equipment as a reward.

    However, the rich content of the game may also make some novice players confused at the beginning of the entry. Who am I? where am I? What am i doing? Faced with those gameplays that require advanced equipment to participate, the first thing a novice must do after reaching a full level is to acquire equipment, and the specific ways to start are as follows.

    World mission

    When the player's character is at full level, the world mission on the map will be unlocked. This mechanism has been added to the game since the 7.0 version of the "legion", and now 9.1 has gone through three major versions. The effect is very good, and the designer should intentionally turn it into a resident system to survive.

    To put it simply, players who have reached the full level will see the punctuation of world missions when they open the map. These missions are refreshed regularly every day. Place the mouse on the mission point to view the rewards provided by the mission, including those for new ones. Equipment provided by the starting player.

    For a new character who has just reached his level, world missions are the most effective way to obtain equipment, but there are naturally shortcomings. The items rewarded by the world missions will float according to the player's current equipment level. Therefore, when the world missions are unlocked at the beginning, they are basically over-equipped.

    Although the world mission will be further upgraded as the player's own equipment improves, the equipment provided here is often no longer needed.

    Dungeons acquisition

    Dungeons can be said to be the most important way for players to start equipment, and according to the difficulty of dungeons, it can be divided into several quality gradients. After the appropriate parts are collected with world mission equipment, grind dungeons have become the mainstream gameplay for most players.

    Players can use the normal difficulty dungeons to accumulate a certain amount of equipment during the upgrade. After reaching the full level, they can challenge the heroic difficulty dungeons. After continuing to upgrade the equipment to a certain level, they can continue to challenge the epic difficulty five-person dungeons.

    Starting from Heroic Difficulty, dungeons began to introduce the "CD" mechanism. The CD of a five-player dungeons of Heroic Difficulty is one day, which means that after challenging a certain hero on the same day, it will take the next day to obtain equipment from the dungeon again. drop. Although dungeonsBOSS can be killed repeatedly on the same day, the equipment will no longer be dropped after entering the CD.

    On the other hand, the CD for five-player dungeons on Epic difficulty is one week. From this difficulty, five-player dungeons also begin to produce epic (purple quality) equipment. For most players, upgrading the equipment of the whole body to an epic level is the degeneration process from the new to the veteran.

    When you put on a purple outfit, your understanding of the dungeons system should no longer be limited to the novice stage. The BOSS style of play and the quality of equipment will gradually have a clear standard in your heart. At this time, you can start the most exciting way to play in the big secret realm.

    The so-called Great Secret Realm is officially called "Epic Key Dungeon Challenge", which means that it will continue to increase the difficulty on the basis of the epic five-player dungeons, and can challenge the epic five-player with the maximum difficulty of +18.

    It is conceivable that the quality of the equipment dropped under this gameplay will be steadily improved. After all, the difficulty is already +18, and the equipment will not be able to pass if it is not upgraded by a few gears.

    The equipment dropped in the high-level big secret realm is comparable to the raid instance, so we have come to the third method of obtaining equipment.

    Raid instance

    Five-person dungeons only allow five people to participate, while the number of people required for raid instance is 10 to 25. Since the difficulty and the number of people are higher than the five-player version, even the lowest grade raid instance will drop epic-level equipment directly. The epic difficulty team is currently the most difficult challenge in the game.

    In the final version, there are very few teams that can successfully challenge the Epic Difficulty team. Therefore, for those teams that dare to challenge the most difficult dungeons, the highest-grade equipment is not enough to be a commendation, and there will often be some under this difficulty. The drop of a special type of mount will truly make you a big-time figure visible to the naked eye in the game.

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