New World Weapons Guide: Weapons Are Everything

  • Players can improve their skills and expertise through specific weapons in New World and weapons are everything.

    Each weapon in the game is completely unique and possesses countless skills and abilities, which will increase their relative strength as you progress in Aeternum. Keep in mind that the game is still in the early stages of testing, and weapons that are now considered "powerful" can easily be weakened when the game is released on August 31. The following are the best weapons to use in New World.


    The rapier is the iconic one-handed melee DPS weapon of New World. With the skills that make the rapier viable in both offensive and defensive environments, it is a weapon that can make your character fully relevant. The two trees of the rapier, Blood and Grace, each have their own unique game style, which makes the versatility of the rapier shine.

    The Blood skill tree is mainly used for PvE because it provides powerful DPS for your build through the ability to work together. Skills such as To the Bone, Tondo, and Flourish and Finish will all work together to increase your DPS throughout the encounter. On the defensive end of the rapier, the Grace Tree promotes a slightly passive construction through skills such as counterattacks. In addition, using skills such as Fleche can gain a lot of practicality and maneuverability through the Grace tree. All in all, the rapier may be the most comprehensive weapon in New World. It can be used in almost any scenario, and all its skills are relevant and usable in any environment.

    Sword and shield

    The sword and shield will become the default weapon combination for New World Gold players who want to tank in New World. The sword and shield duo provides players with multiple damage reduction gains through skills such as Final Stand and Final Countdown, and also has a large number of built-in self-healing capabilities to supplement the huge damage reduction of the sword and shield. In order to further promote the idea of ​​tanks with swords and shields, the shield strike skill is a powerful taunt. If you use taunt gems, it will bring you a lot of threats.

    Currently, sword and shield is the only weapon combination that players can equip with shields. Shields are not compatible with other one-handed weapons (such as axes). However, with reliable crowd control and feasible gap closing capabilities (such as Shield Rush), the sword and shield combination is still a good defensive, practical choice-even if its DPS output is very low.


    As a two-handed long-range weapon of New World trademark, the bow is very suitable for long-range combat. Its two skill trees are skirmishers and hunters, each of them brings unique practicality and damage elements to the table. Skirmishers focus more on continuous damage spells and core practical skills, such as poison shooting and combat accuracy. But if you want to play a typical archetype, the hunter tree is perfect. Skills such as opening shots, long-range and penetrating shooting satisfy the common archetypes of long-range shooters in fantasy games. In addition, considering skills like Arrow Rain, you can easily cause a lot of AoE damage in a short period of time.

    In general, the bow is one of the most balanced weapons in New World, because it really depends more on the player's personal skill limit than any other factors. The necessity of aiming, shooting, and timing in the correct order is a key part of distinguishing a good archer from a good archer.

    Fire Staff

    So, do you want to play the wizard? Well, Fire Staff is your perfect weapon. Fire Staff only changes with intelligence, but it still hits like a truck, even without auxiliary statistics to supplement its throughput. It is very suitable for AoE farming and PvP content. If you can properly arrange the time and placement ability, Fire Staff can knock down a large number of enemies in one fell swoop. Moreover, through some very compelling spells—such as Pillar of Fire, Meteor Shower, and Fireball—Fire Staff allows players to cause a lot of AoE damage when they leave marks and fire blocks behind them. In addition, as expected, enemies standing in the fire will be burned in the traditional RPG way over time.

    Fire Staff has two skill trees: Fire Mage and Flame Mage. The most powerful spell of the weapon, Incineration, can be found under the Flame Mage Tree. This ability checks every box and is the main factor that many players are expected to use Fire Staff. Incineration causes damage in a circle around you, applies a burning DoT effect, and knocks back all enemies hit within the direct radius of the skill. But beyond that, skills such as Blazing Recovery ensure that your cooldown is always when you need it, allowing you to continue to output DPS with Fire Staff as there is no tomorrow.

    Life Staff

    For new world players who want to play the role of a traditional healer, Life Staff is the perfect weapon. For players who want to play full support, this weapon is the only option, but the negative trade-off of this advantage is that Life Staff needs a lot of external help. It is almost impossible to use Life Staff single player content, and during the adventure, you may need another player to cause damage.

    Divine blessings and desperate speed allow you to never run out of resources while healing, and you are always healing allies. There is almost no downtime to use your Life Staff, because you almost always fill players with healing spells, and then fill the gaps with basic and heavy attacks. In addition, Life Staff coordinates with other skills and abilities to work in a manner similar to a rapier. However, Life Staff does not use other skills to cause damage, but to ensure that all its abilities work together to produce a large amount of healing. For example, the Embrace of the Light skill is a targeted treatment that increases the effect of each buff applied to the target by 30%. Z2U site have som New World Account for Sale.