WoW TBC Classic Players Exploited A Bug May Face An Account Ban

  • Some WoW Burning Crusade Classic players will now face an account ban if they exploited a bug in the Karazhan chess event before.

    Karazhan has opened its gates in WoW Burning Crusade Classic - but a few bugs in the chess event are currently causing a stir. Because the event can be exploited manipulatively through an exploit. This has meanwhile called the developers on the scene, who are now diligently wielding the ban hammer, but allowing the severity of the exploit to flow into the punishment.

    Not all players who took advantage of the exploit receive a ban

    Specifically, there were two bugs at the chess event in Karazhan. The first ensured that players could reset the event and repeat it as often as they wanted in order to be able to collect loot several times afterwards. The second bug was that the doors of the chess room would close when the raid left the instance after the event was over. Players who were affected by this problem had to inevitably reset the event via exploit in order to continue with the other bosses of the raid.

    Depending on the extent to which the players took advantage of the exploit of the chess event, Blizzard now distributes ban penalties:

    Those players who have reset the event several times in order to steal additional loot, apparently receive a ban of two weeks and lose the extra loot.
    Players who have used the exploit once to reopen the doors have so far not received a ban, as have those who have used the bug a few times to open the doors.
    The developers are therefore very careful with the ban penalties for the chess exploit. We think: This is a fair action by Blizzard.

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