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  • My question: If I join P2P, what/where are these higher level creatures, and is it worth joining now osrs infernal cape? I am sure that I will eventually join P2P, but I just would like to know if joining at level90 will improve my mage skills.

    How much money have you made fighting ankous? If you have about 10 million, you can purchase a bond which gives 14 days of membership. It's much simpler to recover the 10m in member worlds than it is in F2P. But, it still takes work.

    I recommend that you quickly rush quests that will provide big boosts in exp or good rewards if you are new to the game. The RS wikia will show you which quests give the most exp boosts. These are the ones I would recommend to ensure that you can get closer to higher-tier weapons.

    There are a variety of other monsters you can fight. You may find more lucrative drops by doing quests. Bosses are a great way to earn more. You can easily take on the King Black Dragon with 90 magic Buy OSRS Fire Cape. You can then take on the Chaos Elements with ease If you're willing to risk some items. Both of these monsters are fairly profitable.