Top 5 Beautiful Black Models | Gorgeous Models

  • Be it their vivacious personalities, charismatic charm, or simply their drop-dead gorgeousness, the aura that surrounds these dynamic and Beautiful Black Models is something you simply can’t take your eyes off. These Gorgeous models exhibit sheer confidence that they boast of and the beauty that they present this world with is what inspires many women to flaunt the beauty they are blessed with. These gorgeous models teach the world that beauty doesn’t need to adhere to standards set by those before us; beauty is about having the confidence to be yourself despite what one may think of you. 

    Here are the top 5 Beautiful Black Models who taught the world what it’s like destroying age-old standards and feeling beautiful in your own skin. 

    Tyra Banks – One of Top 5 Beautiful Black Models


    If you don’t live under a rock, you definitely have heard the name Tyra Banks. One of the top gorgeous models around the world, she has been an inspiration for women far and wide. The woman isn’t just a model, she is an icon. She has taught women all around the world, to embrace their selves and simply flaunt their flaws, because one day that will become their greatest strength. She started modelling at the age of 15 and was rejected by about four agencies before being signed by L.A. Models. Being the master of a fierce personality, the fire in her in evident from the journey she has covered. She is an inspiration for many women and continues to be an icon. This gorgeous model is still tearing the charts with her drop dead gorgeous looks and modelling finesse.Currently, she is set out to search for people who can represent the fierce beauty that she holds with her hit TV show “America’s Next Top Model”.

    Winnie Harlow:


    Speaking of gorgeous models, how can one not include Winnie Harlow in them. If different is beautiful, the Winnie Harlow is the queen of different. She is currently the spokesperson for the skin condition Vitiligo. Her unique condition had caused her skin to get depigmented causing her to become a victim of bullying when she was in school. But this didn’t stop the gorgeous model from pursuing her dream. She wanted to show that beauty is not just something that is skin deep.Blessed with courage, patience and sheer talent she managed to gain herself quiet the limelight, breaking unrealistic beauty standards. She had participated in America’s next top model and even though she wasn’t able to win the competition, yet she definitely won quite a few hearts. Right now she’s killing the runway with her undisputed charm and flawless charisma. 

    NyakimGatwetch– One of the Most Beautiful Black Models


    This Gorgeous model is the queen of darkness. She was previously asked by many to bleach her skin. However,NyakimGatwtch chose not to. She represents how every skin colour is beautiful in its natural state and doesn’t need to be changed unless you want to. With her extreme confidence and zeal to turnaround the beauty standards, she is one of the most demanded gorgeous models of the beauty industry. She has adorned the front covers of many reputed magazines, making her point clear that beauty has no bars.  Originally from South Sudan, the Ethiopian model faced a lot of hardships in her early years, but that never stopped her from being the beauty that she is today. She has taught so many girls, that beauty lies within and the small mentality of your peers shouldn’t stop you from being the queen that you are. 

    Duckie Thot:


    The melanin beauty Duckie Thot is known for being a real life Barbie doll who simply slays every runway she walks. This gorgeous model is an Australian beauty who had first emerged from cycle eight of Australia’s Next Top Model. Since then she is a force not to be reckoned with. If a career had wings, then it would be definitely of Dukie Thot. She stands for the unique beauty that she represents. She was first introduced to the modelling industry by her sister Nikki Thot and fell in love with it ever since. Her beauty teaches us the meaning of the phrase “beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”. She has debuted in several famous fashion shows including campaigns for Fenty beauty and Victoria’s Secret Fashion show. 

    Liris Crosse:


    Beauty doesn’t lie in depriving yourself of all luxuries of life and simply trying to fit in set standards. Beauty is about flaunting every curve in your body. The gorgeous model,Liris Crosse is a believer of this concept for she thinks that designers should focus on more sizes than just one. Every size, every curve that we flaunt is beautiful. She represents the woman next door and considers that brands should focus on them as they are the end users. Crosse first made her modelling debut with Project Runway, and never looked back every since. The plus size model has worked with several popular brands which include names such as Goddess Lingerie and Ashley Stewart.