How to manage knowledge of the organization according to ISO 90

  • 1) What is organizational knowledge?

               ISO 9001 Certification Bangalore is the most important resource that a Organizations must obtain. It is  actually a specific kind of knowledge that can only be obtained by experience and can be used to achieve the objectives of the company. Actually this kind of knowledge is obtained internally through failures or successes OR externally through conferences, etc.

         2) How can you capture the organizational  knowledge of your company?


               In general, every company has its own individual existence. Also this existence has to be specified with a different and specific kind of business through identification of its knowledge and expertise. Below are few ideas which can be used to identify a company's individual area of expertise:

    •  Work instructions: This is one of the most easiest ways to capture knowledge. It involves undertaking activities involving daily record of what has to be done and also involves reporting of the same thing for capturing knowledge required for the company.
    • Checklists: These are like really amazing tools to keep in hand the information of the company as of a daily routine. These can be prepared on the ground of daily things to be performed as such and can be executed successfully because it actually doesn't  involve any kind of backlog or disadvantage.
    • On-the-job training: ISO 9001 Certification in Saudi Arabia method is used in case of businesses which actually do not require any kind of degree or qualification but only asks for experience in that particular domain and exposure to that particular field of business. It involves complete transfer of knowledge from well-experienced officials to newly joined interns.
    • Knowledge database:  During any project that a company undertakes, it obviously does undergo some kind of a reviewing process. Such a process can be recorded and can be gone through again to facilitate a more easy way of executing a project or can facilitate a new product launching procedure. 

    3) Using the captured organizational knowledge!

                Once the knowledge required for the company is accumulated, its quite certain that the acquired knowledge should be executed to ensure better response of employees as well as to ensure the complete satisfaction of newly joined and trained individuals regarding the regulations of that particular company. Also, once the different designs are learnt and accepted, it is very important for the execution of these designs to ensure minimal effort at the last stage of every procedure in designing.

    4) Organizational knowledge: An important resource!


                 After accumulation of knowledge and training of newly joined interns,isn't it important for a company to fulfill its responsibility of keeping this information secure and to avoid further exploitation of this information as organizational knowledge is a very critical topic and it involves a lot of hardship to accumulate it.

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