Do you really need a consultant for implementation of ISO 9001?

  • When a company decides to implement ISO 9001, it's quite obvious that they do not have any skills acquired beforehand. This asks for an obvious requirement of a consultant, but  the most important question here is that- Is there a requirement of a consultant?

    To consult or not to consult? 

    This decision of hiring or self implementation is a critical one in terms of cost and failure of obtaining the result. Also, before deciding whether what to be done, it's important to carefully examine the situation. If there is a current and urgent requirement of implementation of the ISO 9001 Certification Services in Bangalore, then, a consultant can be really helpful in installing the system in the shortest possible time with minimal loss as such. Therefore, it's important to be more conscious and take a right decision.

    The worst kind.

    The first thing that arises as a sense of doubt is that paying a lot of money to the consultant gives a sense of insecurity because isn't the consultants job to do everything for the company including the attainment of the audit for the company. But if the consultant hired is not malicious, then, after the clearing of the first audit further dependence on the consultant by the company would not be required. Nonetheless, if the opposite happens, then, the company will have to rely on the hired person for all of the further audits.

    The best kind. 

    Then the question arises as to who should be hired? A best consultant is the one who creates good atmosphere in a company by training the officials and employees of the companand also educates them about the system(ISO 9001) for better functioning. The first persons to be educated should obviously be the top officials. They should be made to clearly understand their duties, particularly, should be trained to be specific about the future results. Later, a cross-functional team of implementers should also be appointed as in selected and trained. This team, however, is responsible to check the proper functioning of the implementation steps  with the desired level of guidance, review, and monitoring from the consultant. 

    The correct appointment of a consultant can be facilitated by the consideration of the following two questions; 

    1) Does the consultant have a track record of successful implementations?

    2) What is the consultant’s background? 

    The above questions do ask for an answer which could be checking the references of the consultant for his/her track record. However, the persons background is all thats important for his/her appointment. Also, the person's background does determine his/her understanding of the business.       

    The ‘no consultant’ options.

    There are two other alternatives wherein there is no involvement of a consultant. The first one in to select some employees of the company only to attend public courses such as the ISO 9001:2015 Foundations Course, ISO 9001:2015 Lead Implementer Course, and ISO 9001 Services in India  is Internal Auditor Course. In this way they become adequately competent to develop, implement and maintain the system. The second option is to use toolkits available online. These kits provide detailed information about the system starting from its implementation to its maintainance. Also, these kits are generic in nature and are, therefore, helpful in solving any kind of problem during the project along with a further option to purchase more personalised kits in addition to the generic kit. 

    Do what suits you. 

    After knowing about all of these procedures, it's quite obvious that the company should select and implement what is suitable for the company. Moreover, there are companys with different size, purpose, etc., so, it is not possible for a one-size-fits-all prescription to be available.

    By looking all reason everyone getting how the ISO 9001 certification will helps to employees in the your office. If you're looking to get ISO 9001 Certification in Qatar?


    Our advice, Go for it


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