Transitioning to ISO 9001 Certification in a large organization

  • ISO 9001 Certification in Saudi Arabia is the consultants and implementers to better understand the transition process from ISO 9001:2008 to ISO 9001:2015 in large organizations, regarding some of the more ponderous changes in this standard. ISO 9001 emphasis is placed on the requirements that appear, or are eliminated, for the first time in this revision of the standard. Quality management system is a large organization that does business on three continents and it provides design and architectural services to its clients, the majority of which are governments and/or government-operated agencies. More than 80% of the organization’s projects are worth more than 30 million USD. In order to keep tendering and doing public work, being an ISO-registered organization is a mandatory requirement. 


    Understanding the context of the organization:


    Determining the external and internal issues that have relevance to the purpose of the organization. ISO 9001 in saudi arabia has always been done during the executive board’s meetings in order to better understand and grasp the business. ISO 9001 Certification doesn’t specifically ask for a procedure to be established in order to understand the context of the organization; however, documented information that will serve as objective evidence that this matter is monitored and periodically reviewed is necessary.  Keeping in mind that there is no “right tool for the job” in this case, the SWOT or PEST analysis can be used, though XYZ Inc.


    Organizational roles, responsibilities, and authorities:


    Used to have an Office Quality Management Representative in each of their locations whose responsibilities, implemented, and maintained, among others, where to ensure that the processes needed for the quality management system were established, as well as to report on the performance of the quality management system to top management. This was usually a junior engineer who had no idea what he was getting into when he was assigned the responsibilities, and ended up working 60 hours/week while still falling behind on his regular work. ISO 9001 Certification in Bangalore was never intended for the Management Representative to be a full-time position in any organization, but it was also never intended to be such a burden to bear.  ISO 9001 standard is the responsibilities and authorities for the relevant roles in the organization, quality management system related duties shall no longer be obstacles. Don’t get this wrong the responsibilities of the Management Representative are still a requirement of the standard, but not the position itself.  ISO 90001 realized that the most efficient way to document the roles, responsibilities, and authorities was by establishing a RACI chart for each location, which will be periodically reviewed and changed if necessary, all in order to continually improve the overall effectiveness of the quality management system.


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