Can ISO 27001 help your organization in a DDoS attack?

  • ISO 27001 Certification in Saudi Arabia the leading ISO standard for information security management, in order to minimize its effects and maintain business running in a cost-effective way. 


    What is a DDoS attack?


    Basically, a DDoS attack is a coordinated action that targets a system’s resources to prevent them from attending to requests from legitimate users. The quantity of attendants was defined considering an expected demand, right? Now think about these scenarios:


    • A number of persons not interested in buying anything, five times larger than the expected demand, arrives at the same time.
    • Each fake customer takes three times longer than normal to see the menu and simply gives up without ordering anything.
    • Unable to buy, or tired of waiting, legitimate users also give up and leave the snack bar.


    Basically how DDoS attacks work: either they overwhelm the system’s resource capacity or they lock resources in a useless activity preventing other users from using them and  the most critical aspect of a DDoS attack is that the resources needed to create it are easily available, and are far greater than anything an organization can put up alone. 


    Business impacts of DDoS attacks:


    Once under a DDoS attack, an organization can suffer losses related to:


    Extortion: the organization has to pay for the attack to be interrupted.


    Sabotage: attacks on precise occasions can destroy a market or selling strategy.


    Legal noncompliance: fines and legal processes due to breach of contracts or violations of service level agreements.


    Brand damage: loss of confidence due to the perception of customers or shareholders that the organization’s systems are not secure.


    How can ISO 27001 protect your organization?


    ISO 27001 Certification in Bangalore is the ISO standard that describes how to manage information security in an organization, through the application of management practices and security controls to protect information confidentiality, integrity, and availability. It is the critical point to be preserved during a DDoS Attack, ISO 27001 Certification.


    Our advice, Go for it

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