How to include statutory and regulatory requirements in your QM

  • ISO 9001 Certification in Saudi Arabia is the necessity to understand and include statutory and regulatory requirements within the Quality Management System. Many people have difficulty with understanding how to do this. ISO 9001 Certification to help understand this process, there are three main questions to answer: what are these requirements, what does ISO 9001:2015 require, and how can I best include the requirements?


    What are statutory and regulatory requirements?


     ISO 9001 Certification by definition, “statutory” refers to anything relating to a decree or act, and “regulatory” is related to state, national, or international laws and regulations – so, requirements of these sorts come from the legal system.  ISO 9001 legal requirements are mandates that you need to follow for your products or services in order for them to be made legally available for sale. An example would be the safety requirements for sports helmets; helmets need to meet a certain level of testing to be considered safe for use, and any company that produces helmets needs to make sure their product meets these mandatory requirements.


    What does ISO 9001:2015 mandate for these requirements?


    ISO 9001 Certification is statutory and regulatory requirements are mentioned in conjunction with customer requirements. In all cases, your products and services need to meet customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements, and ISO 9001:2015 points out where you need to consider this in your quality management system. 


    How can you best include these requirements in your QMS?/

    ISO 9001 in you can include statutory and regulatory requirements in your quality management system, you need to identify which are applicable to you, your processes, and your products and services. ISO 9001 Certification in Bangalore is very clear that it is for you to decide if any particular requirement of an interested party is relevant to your quality management system. 


    ISO 9001 Standard the requirements you need to meet, you then need to find a way to bring them into your quality management system. It does not make sense to try to have a separate method of controlling the activities that your employees need to do to meet statutory and regulatory requirements, procedures,  so including these requirements in the processes, and documented information that your employees follow is advisable. 


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