Led Module Emergency Lighting Matters Explained


    Many people concluded in 2019 that it was time to replace LED fluorescent tubes with fluorescent tubes. There are many options, but the most common is to replace the linear fluorescent lamp with a B-type LED T8 tube. The B-type LED tube bypasses the fluorescent ballast and works directly on the line voltage. Compared with other LED options, in addition to saving energy through fluorescent lamps, this also greatly reduces maintenance costs (A-type LED T8 lighting needs to continue to use compatible fluorescent ballasts).

    Generally, fluorescent lamps have an emergency lighting function with an emergency backup battery ballast that turns on part of the lighting during a power failure. The problem with converting to B-type LED lighting is that they work with DC voltage, so you can’t control these lamps with a backup battery. If it is ignored, it may be a major problem, because you need to get emergency lighting through the code. So how do you best convert these fluorescent lights to LEDs while maintaining an emergency?

    Option 1-Good-Find Type A LED tubes working on emergency fluorescent ballasts
    Another option is to find out the part number of the emergency ballast used in the emergency equipment and contact the manufacturer to see if the A-type LED tube of their ballast can work. Type A LED tubes operate on fluorescent ballasts, and some will operate with emergency ballasts.

    Advantages-If compatible, easy to install. Allows you to reuse existing fluorescent emergency ballasts.

    Disadvantages-For any type A LED T8, there is little possibility of compatibility with existing emergency ballasts.

    Option 2-Better-Install LED emergency modules for use with B-type lamps
    This means removing existing fluorescent lights and emergency ballasts, and then installing B-type LED tubes according to your plan. In combination with these B-type LED tubes, you can install an LED emergency module, such as Keystone KT-EMRG-LED-5-500-K1 (5W 500 lumens) or Keystone KT-EMRG-LED-12-1200-K1 (12W 1200 lumen). These will not power your B-type LED T8 tube, but when the power is off, the LED module will light for at least 90 minutes.

    Advantages-Probably the most cost-effective way to convert linear fluorescent lamps into LEDs with emergency functions.

    Disadvantages – You still have to go through the process of retrofitting existing fixtures and adding emergency modules, so some work needs to be done during installation.

    Option 3-Best-Install new LED luminaires with built-in emergency functions
    To scrap existing lighting equipment and find a new LED lamp with built-in emergency lights, there is something to say. Taking this route will require the end user to have a little understanding of the type of luminaire they are replacing and which LED luminaire is most suitable. For example, if you have a horizontal recess, you can purchase a new 2×2 LED recessed light fixture with a 0-10V dimming standard or a 2×4 LED recessed light fixture, and you can choose to include Keystone’s emergency as an option Kit. #2.

    Advantages – The new LED luminaire will have additional features and a new look, while the above-mentioned renovation options will not.

    Disadvantages – reasonable cost, but this is still the most expensive option. It may take some time to sift through various LED fixture options to determine the most suitable for your situation.

    Options 2 and 3 are far better solutions than option 1 or to maintain fluorescence, but you must decide which method is best for your application. Part of the reason will depend on the amount of light you need and the lifetime of the luminaire and existing system.

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