Tencent owns most Grinding Gear Games developers of "Path of E

  • After an uncertain period, System Shock 3 may have died in space and water, and now it seems to have been saved. Developer OtherSide Entertainment has announced that large publisher Tencent “will promote the development of the System Shock franchise,” which is ... vague and slightly ominous, but is there hope? It is unclear what this arrangement means, and who is doing what, but it seems good. Yes, you will enjoy Shodan’s condemnation again because your flesh is weak and imperfect. A team behind the path of exile based on the POE Currency system has been acquired by Tencent.

    OtherSide said in a statement yesterday: “Tencent will push the System Shock series forward.” “As a smaller independent studio, carrying out a project in the stomach has always been a challenge for us. We believe that as a leading gaming company, Tencent’s deep capabilities and expertise will bring this series of products to new heights. “

    This does not yet explain who is making System Shock3. We will update the received information in time.

    There are reports that many people have left the development team, including former authors, chief programmers and design directors, and I have questioned the fate of the game for months. When I asked, OtherSide did not respond, and these situations are unclear.

    Therefore, this is a Tencent company that masters the numbers. They are huge, with pieces of work by many developers, and making and publishing their own games. They fully own Riot Games and Funcom, Grinding Gear Games, which owns most of the “Path of Exile” developers, bought 40% of Epic Games’ shares, and held smaller shares from Activision Blizzard and Ubisoft to Paradox Interactive and PlatinumGames. They definitely have the resources to make new system impacts.

    Night dive Studios, which owns the copyright of System Shock and is remaking the first game, has clarified the legal background of Shock. “OtherSide has got certain copyrights for the sequel. I have now transferred these copyrights have now to Tencent.” OtherSide told RPS avid PC Gamer. “Any transfer will not affect our ownership.”

    Making SS3 is still weird. I agree with older senior Kieron Gillen, who wrote in a tribute to Shodan in 2009: “There will never be System Shock3. We should really be happy.” Maybe we should let the sleeping AI lie. We have announced that System Shock 2 is one of the best RPGs, but maybe this is a moral reason to keep it.

    Although System Shock 2 is one of the best RPGs, we should not stop the advancement of technology. All games will become better with continuous updates. Not only System Shock but also the Path of Exile 2 soon, but Will not affect the player's love for the first part, players will still improve themselves through POE Currency Buy in the game, all love we base all love on the original state.