Animal Crossing is now the best-selling Switch game of all time

  • New in "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" soon sold 3.9 million copies in the Japanese domestic market, making it the best-selling game of Nintendo Switch in history, surpassing the previous record holder Buy Nook miles Ticket, which is attributed to The majority of loyal players.

    According to the monthly sales data provided by Famitsu to, "Animal Crossing" is the best-selling game in Japan in April, with 1.29 million copies sold, and more than a few new versions, including "Final Fantasy 7 Remake" ( Final Fantasy 7 Remake), this version sold 839,000 copies.

    Not surprisingly, Nintendo became the top-selling publisher for the fifth consecutive month, transferring 1.6 million games and generating revenue of 9.25 billion yen (US $ 86.4 million). This means that Animal Crossing accounts for four out of every five games sold by platform holders.

    It is worth noting that "Pokémon Company" is calculated separately in Japan, with sales of 68,207 games in April. Combined with Nintendo, more than 2 million first-party Switch games were sold in April.

    In comparison, Square Enix is ??the second largest publisher, selling 1.03 million games. The arrival of "Final Fantasy 7 Remastered Edition" and "Magic Experiment" has promoted its development, which has helped it generate 8.75 billion yen (81.8 million US dollars) of revenue-this is the second publisher's highest monthly income in five years .

    Both Square Enix and Nintendo are far ahead of the third best-selling publisher Capcom, and due to the launch of the Resident Evil 3 remastered version, their circulation has only been reduced by 300,000 units. Nintendo accounted for 38.7% of all game sales, while Square Enix accounted for 36.6%.

    A total of 3.6 million games were sold last month. This is a slight decrease from the 4.5 million sold in March, but it is still much higher than in February. Switch accounted for 56.8% of all software sales, of which more than 2 million games were transferred, and 1.5 million for PS4 accounted for 42.4%. Despite the shortage of supplies, Nintendo still dominates hardware sales, as the Switch and Switch Lite sold a total of 314,931 units, of which the standard models were slightly ahead. The console accounts for about 65% of all hardware sales. PS4 only sold 166,150 units, including more than 50,000 PS4 Pro game consoles.

    Physical game products generated 37.1 billion yen in April, an increase of 137.8% over the same period last year. Software increased by 186% to 23.9 billion yen, while hardware increased by 82.2% to 13.2 billion yen. Since the strong performance in March, this is the first time in May and June 2018 that both software and hardware have experienced year-on-year growth for two consecutive months.

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