WATCH: First look at A.J. Epenesa in Madden 20

  • Details of a contract drafted by Buffalo Bills at the former defensive end of Iowa, Epenesa, were released on Tuesday. The Buffalo Bill also published a tweet for the character of Epenesa in Madden 20, which you can watch below.

    Epenesa was originally expected to participate in the first round of the 2020 NFL draft, but he returned to Buffalo in the second round.

    Sam Marsdale of 247Sports wrote: "It's so surprising to see Epenesa (Epenesa) fall, but the bill will be accepted." "They added one to the already solid army Excellent pass sprinter. Epenesa came from an excellent junior high school era. On the defensive end, he was awarded the first prize by the league coach and members of the media. The best team in the United States. Want to get the same perfect lineup of stars? MUT 21 Coins can be easily obtained. In this year's "Holiday Bowl" game, a game in Iowa beat the University of Southern California 49-24 with only four tackles, but there are still 2.5 The loss of sacks and 1.5 tackles makes him a Holiday Bowl defensive MVP. "

    Iowa head coach Kirk Ferentz, along with "One Bills Live", talked about the franchise rights obtained by drafting Epenesa. Ferenc believes that Buffalo drafted around special characters and players.

    One of the Eagles' biggest recruiting wins this offseason was to ensure that Indiana University graduates mobilized Coy Kronke on the offensive offensive. Kronk ’s arrival helps to alleviate the pain of losing three-year starting Tristan Wirfs. Tristan Wirfs chose to abandon his junior season and enter the 2020 NFL Draft.

    On Monday, 247Sports released the top transfer list for the 2019 offseason. Cronk is ranked 15th and is expected to play an important role for Hawkeyes in the 2020 season. MUT Coins also plays an important role in Madden 20. Cronk has started 40 careers. When he won the national honor of freshmen, he started every game in 2016 with a real freshman. He was also selected as one of the top ten best freshman teams in 2016, and he is among the 247 all-American freshmen.

    Cronk also started 12 games in 2017 and 11 games in 2018. He started four games in 2019 and then suffered an ankle injury at the end of UConn season. Cronk was the captain of Hoosiers in 2019. For Cronk and Hawkeyes, the good news is that 6-foot-5 325-pound shells will advance at full speed during the spring ball game.