Tampa Bay Pirates: Tin Slat Crazy Franchise Part 2

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    With Lamar Jackson at the helm, the Pirates started off quickly in the 2019 season. Chris Godwin and Ronald Jones were the protagonists, and Bucs won the first three games.

    Jackson rushed into 100 yards twice in the first three games, Devin White accumulated four draft picks, and the defensive firmed his footing. Tampa Bay, led by coach Leeds, defeated the opponent 3-0 in the fourth week against the Los Angeles Rams.

    In the second tragedy of the fourth game, Lamar Jackson dismissed and tore his shoulder awkwardly. P.J. Walker subscribed to "The Next Man's Important Mindset", answered the call, and brought Bucs into the place with two minutes left.

    Walker's shooting percentage is questionable, but Ronald Jones is the main force, and at this point in the game, he has reached nearly 200 universal yards.

    Shortly after two minutes of training for Bucs, RoJo was leveled by Aaron Donald and he left the game due to injury. Unfortunately, substitutes Jacques Patrick and Walker could not save the game, and Tampa Bay moved to 3-1.

    Jackson plans to go out for five weeks, and Jones goes out for seven weeks. The hope of the Pirates in the playoffs is almost entirely in the hands of two substitutes.

    The fifth week was a massacre. Cameron Jordan fired Walker five times, and Bucs was overwhelmed by three points. 3-2.

    In the sixth week, the defensive team scored two touchdowns against the Panthers, and the offense showed some improvement. After six games, Devin White led the league with six interceptions and also won three sacks. Jamal Adams also performed well in defending, and he was forced to fail 4 times during the same period. 4-2.

    Tampa Bay can rely on safe offensive play and excellent defensive play to separate the last two games without Lamar Jackson. Just like in real life, Bucs completely shut down Derrick Henry in the victory over the Titans and lost the game in overtime. 5-3.

    After eight weeks at Bucs, it was good to sit down with a score of 5-3, especially considering that the two most important players on the team missed most of the season. With the return of Jackson and the arrival of RoJo, the Pirates will now strive to maintain their place in the playoffs. If your skills in the game are not outstanding and you want to have a place, buy mut coins is a good choice for you.

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