Path of Exile: How to Make a Gem Wand and Gem Bow

  • First of all, why do you want to make a +3 fire stick and a +3 bow gem bow? Certain game methods such as fire spirit and poison bow, due to the uniqueness of the gameplay, such as the damage of the fire spirit only eat the gem level and talent, poison cloud arrow damage Empathy. So graduated equipment only needs to be equipped with weapons with a +3 gem level.

    Steps to make +3 bow:
    1. First of all, your master is at least 8th level (the master will meet during the game. After the hideout is established, you can invite him to the POE Items hideout to have various functions).
    2. Prepare a foundation, the same poison cloud as an example (generally choose the moving speed base), use the metamorphic stone to turn blue, and then continue to wash the modified stone until the +2 bow gem is washed out (+1 does not work, remember, do n’t explain Why?) The +2 bow gem must be a word affix. There must be no second affix. If there is a second affix, the full affix cannot be used as a master. Remember! This step is very important.
    3. Find an affix on your master called "Cannot attach weapon attack affix."
    4. Last one Regal stone, good luck directly +3, bad luck out of the suffix, don't worry, the last EX sublime stone, if it is still a suffix, then you have a bow after 1 before 3, then last EX, you must go out +3.

    How to make a perfect +3 fire stick:
    The production principle is similar to the +3 bow, but because the affix of the +3 stick is more than the affix of the +3 bow, it will have a higher cost and difference compared to the +3 bow.
    1. White base, the same fire spirit game as an example, choose the 18-block white stick with long stick.
    2. Just add a master suffix (must be suffix), then you will be surprised to find that white equipment has become a blue equipment with only one master suffix.
    3. Get rich. This is the most important step, because the rich have to wash out the affix of +2 fire gems, which is why the cost of making +3 fire sticks is higher than that of +3 bows. , At this time, you have a golden +2 fire gem and a master's post.
    4. After the above 3 steps are completed, the next step is simple, the master suffix is ​​washed off, and then use the master to combine the POE Exalted Orb craft + prohibited attack + prohibited spell + magic power, at this time you have one, +2 fire gems prohibited attack prohibited spell and A number of magical staffs, that is to say, you are now a staff of 2 before 3, and EX will result in +1 fire gem.
    5. Wash away some magic powers of the master affix prohibiting attack and prohibiting spells, which is a clean +3 fire gem stick.

    In the end, this article may not be understood by new players, but I still hope it can help POE lovers. At the same time, I sincerely wish the Path of Exile this game is getting better and better, so as to bring players a better game experience.