Jagex donated £25,000 after the RuneScape DMM Championship

  • The one-month DMM tournament officially ended last weekend, and Old School RuneScape player Tata Sleepy also lived up to expectations and won the championship. Jagex donated £25,000 to the mental health charity and hopes to raise another £100,000.
    The Old School RuneScape Gold contest, a part of British games developer Jagex's contribution to the sport industry's #PlayApartTogether initiative, saw thousands of gamers sign on for an opportunity to prove themselves as world-class old-fashioned RuneScape players, win prizes and contribute to a worthy cause with £25,000 donated to mental state charities.
    The live finale saw Tata Sleepy battle their way through the competition to win and pull in the primary place prize: $1,000, the Razer Ultimate Bundle, Intel i9 9900k CPU, Intel SSD, Intel Swag Bag and one year of free old-fashioned RuneScape membership. Prizes were also awarded to each player within the top 16.
    In addition to the player prizes, Jagex also will donate £25,000 to its three partnered mental state charities – CPSL Mind, The Prince's Trust, and Rise Above The Disorder – as a part of its £100,000 commitment to support their work during the Coronavirus pandemic. Visit GOLDRS.com can buy RS Gold. They will provide you with quality service, 24/7 customer support and the required security.
    Jagex recently held some in-game activities for mental state Awareness Week and now forecasts an additional £100,000 to be raised on top of its previous commitment. There's more info on Jagex's support here.
    Rob Hendry, executive producer of Old School RuneScape, said they were very happy to watch the DMM Championship and were welcomed by the players. Globally, everyone has spent the most difficult time together, and the community is also very united. We also saw the best players in this game and were also impressed by the skills they showed.