Madden NFL 21's gorgeous debut trailer shocked

  • The official Madden NFL 21 is about to debut on the Xbox Series X. In today's Xbox Insider show, some amazing pictures are revealed, and they can be said to make full use of the hardware facilities of the next-generation game console.
    During the live broadcast, Patrick Mahomes, the quarterback of Kansas City Chiefs, gave us a brief review of the series. He showed that the series is very old. Nevertheless, the review of the series will be based on the introduction of Madden 21 running on the Xbox X. He also confirmed that EA will provide a service to all players, allowing players to upgrade copies from Xbox One to Xbox SeriesX for free. But it is not part of the Xbox ’s Smart Delivery system. It has a time limit and no related information can be found on similar systems on the PlayStation.
    The 2020 series is expected to launch a new version, but from the current global situation, almost all game versions this year are uncertain. Therefore, EA did not disclose the release date of Madden NFL 21, but fortunately during this time, we still have a few seconds of footage to view. You can visit to buy game coins. It is puzzling that Madden's appearance has never been better than running the new version on the Xbox Series X, and the optimized it looks more realistic on the next generation of consoles.
    The official has not yet revealed which football star will be the focus of the Madden NFL 21 cover. But Lamar Jackson of the Ravens appears to have said in an interview on the Baltimore Ravens website that he will be the spokesperson for the new game. So far, there is no news that Madden NFL 21 will appear on other hosts, but we will figure it out as soon as possible.
    It is undeniable that Madden NFL 21 will definitely appear on the game console, this is certain. However, the release date due to the global pandemic of new coronaviruses has not yet been determined. But it doesn't matter, we will push you the latest news of the first hand, wait and see.