The top five players in the celebrity championship

  • The ESPN Madden NFLDE Celebrity Championship is about to start, and this week it will start playing on Twitter and ESPN Esports ’Twitch and YouTube channels at noon every day. Here are the top five players who successfully completed the game. Let's take a look at their performance in the knockout.
    Cam Jordan
    Cam Jordan is a nine-year veteran of the New Orleans Saints. As a defensive tycoon, he is also a professional bowler and has been selected five times. He was also selected in the 2010 National Football League Top Ten. His ball is excellent, according to the PK he will face, the opponent should be very headache.
    DeAndre Hopkins
    The former Houston Texans receiver will be the biggest competitor in this game, not just his game skills.Come to to purchase various props. His deal with the Arizona Cardinals is really incomprehensible, even Madden himself. Hopkins is one of the four players starting this season, with a total score of 99 points at Madden and 98 points at the end of the season. But everyone still hopes he can bring more wonderful performance.
    Drew Lock
    As a quarterback for the Denver Broncos, Drew Lock played 5 games last season, and Aaron Rodgers is his role model. The Green Bay Packers think his idea is very good. If we see the NFL player choose the team he does not participate in, it will be Lock choosing the Packers and having a great advantage in the position control of the Rodgers center.
    Lil Yachty
    In fact Lil Yachty does not have a small yacht, but he is passionate about recording music, watching TV, eating pizza and playing video games. Fans can find his Fortnite skills in various championships and celebrity events. Lil Yachty is actually a character in Madden in Superstar KO mode, and he is expected to improve his scoring standards.
    Marquise Hollywood Brown
    Brown can be said to be a big hit in the game. It can be seen in the game or past games that he is a senior Madden player. He will definitely participate in this game to win. He can perform all correct operations in the game like all senior Madden players, from predicting interception targets to selecting specific matches that match the strength of his game style players.