How to Use, Care And Maintenance Grill Mesh Mat

  • Traditional grills have you place food suspended between grates. In most cases, food is firm enough to rest on these grates without falling apart. Here's how to use a Heat Resistant BBQ Grill Mesh Mat :

    Cleaning: Always clean a grill mat before use, including when you first remove it from the packaging. Most mats can be cleaned with soap and water but just like nonstick cookware, don’t use abrasive soaps or scrubbers. This will scratch and damage the nonstick surface.

    Placement: Adjust your grill so that the mat won’t come into direct contact with the flames. Also, most mats can withstand temperatures of 500 degrees but not more than that. (In most cases, you’ll want your grilling temp to be between 300-400 degrees.)

    Preheat: Preheat your grill to a low or medium heat. Once the grill’s at temperature, place the mat on top of the grates. (You can arrange your food on the mat before or after you’ve placed it on the grill, whichever is easiest.)

    Cooking: Turn your food as needed using utensils that won’t scratch the mat. Don’t use anything on a grill mat that you wouldn’t use on nonstick cookware.

    Mat Removal: Once the food is cooked, use an oven mitt to remove the hot mat from the grill. Let it cool before washing it and storing it

    Care And Maintenance

    For best results, clean the grill mat as soon as possible after each use. Fortunately, the material cleans up so easily, this doesn’t represent much of a chore.

    Steer clear of abrasive materials, such as steel wool or scouring pads. We would also not recommend the use of harsh detergents, as these may be able to penetrate the nonstick surface.

    Most of the time, the mat will come clean when it’s wiped thoroughly with a nylon scrubbing pad after a dunk in hot, soapy water. If any lingering grease or other residue remains, soak the grill mat in a soapy sink for about an hour, then rinse and wipe clean as you normally would.

    If using the dishwasher, first check the label to make sure your mat is dishwasher-safe. Always load the mat on the top rack and use the hot water cycle. This should eliminate any residue.

    Whichever cleaning method you prefer, make sure to wipe the mat dry with a clean microfiber cloth or paper towel before putting it away.

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