In the process of using shock-proof pressure gauge, what aspect

  •   If it is normal for the shock-proof pressure gauge to be in the hands of consumers, what aspects should we pay attention to when using it?

      1. On-site use is the touchstone for testing the quality of pressure gauges. Due to the complexity and diversity of the working environment, and the severe vibration of the working environment during use, although the pressure gauge has a limit, it is not capable of fierce shaking, but if it is Shock-proof There is a screw of the pressure gauge that is not tightened before leaving the factory, which will cause the loosening of the tie rod, the dislocation of the dial, the movement of the movement, etc., which will directly cause the pressure gauge to go to zero.

      2. Improper operation by the user, if the excessive pressure exceeds the limit range of the pressure gauge or even twice, the spring tube deformation, inelastic deformation, or motion fan teeth will occur. As the saying goes, "Broken the pressure gauge". The user's excessive pressure broke the pressure gauge during operation, causing the pointer of the pressure gauge to not return to zero.

      3. Because the spring tube continuously produces force in the elasticity of the pressure gauge, even if it is operated properly and used for a long time, there will still be a situation where the pointer of the pressure gauge does not return to zero. Generally, this situation occurs in a wide range of pressures above 10MPa. Most in the table.

      Therefore, as a kind of precision pressure measuring device, a shock-proof pressure gauge should be cautious in production, transportation, and use. There should be no sloppy, and serious, and responsible production attitude, and strict and standardized use. Rules, let each shock-proof pressure gauge play its role.

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