Who will appear on the cover of NBA 2K22?

  • As in previous years, "Who will be on the cover of NBA 2K22?" sparked a lot of controversy. Leaks and rumors from gaming communities around the world. At the E3 conference, game developer 2K abandoned the decision to launch a new game this year, and instead decided to set up a team to deal with areas such as corporate responsibility and overall company status. Despite the disappointment of fans, fans of the series continue to make noise and interest on social networks and online forums. This time, we seem to be approaching a clear answer, namely, who will become the NBA star, who will become the focus and star on the cover of the game. Regardless of the result, NBA 2K22 MT can make you stronger in the game.

    Dallas Mavericks player Luca Doncic became arguably the greatest international player in the NBA. With the help of a season user named intel2k, he posted a post on Twitter yesterday and was promoted again in the cover game. . The tweet itself was deleted and caused an uproar on the Internet and forums. According to Intel2k, the cover of the standard game version appears to be on the cover of the Dallas Stars. NBA 2K22 MT allows you to unlock cover stars.

     A picture has also been uploaded to the NBA 2K22 product page on the GameMS to confirm the message. This store is actually used to sell "second-hand" video games, so the game page must be updated during the limited warranty period. In addition to Doncic, Mavericks fans may be upset after user swine_flu_greg posted a leak on the Reddit forum last week. Former player and fan favorite Dirk Nowitzki may appear on the cover of the legendary version.

    Old Mavericks fans will of course be happy to know that Nowitzki is about to enter the NBA Hall of Fame and eventually sign the legendary status he deserves. It should be noted that it is too early to determine whether this is true or the rumors, at least until we receive the official announcement of 2K, it will always be the case, and only then will we be able to see whether these leaks are true. Before that, NBA 2K22 MT For Sale can get more star players' skills.