Path of Exile's expansion and sequel news are mocked

  • The developers of Grinding Gear Games are ready to reveal the next expansion of Path of Exile, you will now have to wait a long time to get all POE Currency details, and now you can use the trailer. The short film "Path of Exile: Ultimatum:" shows a new talent. Critics point out that "The Red Pyramid" may be a reference to Chief Varvar.

    Not only that, the upcoming announcement event seems to contain some news about the long-awaited sequel "Path of Exile 2", which was announced at ExileCon in 2019. So stick to it. In any case, we will officially announce the latest news of Grinding Gear in the live broadcast event on April 8. The show was run on the Path of Exile Twitch channel at 1pm EST/4pm EST that day. The Ultimatum extension will be released on April 16.

    Grinding Gear Games, the developer of "Path of Exile", is part of the Chinese technology group Tencent, the studio’s current flagship project in New Zealand, which includes the ongoing development of "Path of Exile" and its sequel Studio Head Chris Wilson stand by. Previously told GameSpot that due to the epidemic, the development of the sequel was slower than he hoped.

    Wilson said: "This is the biggest victim of COVID. I hate to blame COVID because everyone seems to be doing this, but it affects us." "This is mainly because we are still committed to achieving normal expansion. We don't have this. Do. This will cause problems that affect our current game maintenance, so it means that we have to withdraw the developers from last year’s POE2. There is still a lot of work to be done, which means that the behind-the-scenes work of the sequel is somewhat of no avail, due to the New Zealand border It's closed, so we can't hire more developers from abroad, and progress is slow. No matter whether you Buy Exalted Orbs in any version, you can still bring players the best gaming experience.