Madden's biggest improvement? PS5, photo mode on Xbox Series X

  • Early, in the early days of my newspaper career, when I had to do a little bit to get the newspaper out, and did very few things without much expertise, I remember finding out on Christmas morning I actually took the joy of taking a sports photo. It is worth running a vertical four-column width in front of the section.

    Digital photography can take an unlimited number of images from a high school football game, and can view each photo immediately after the moment is captured, which makes many blind insects lose this unique good luck. But this happened to be what I saw when I recalled the highlights after the game, that is, "Madjun NFL 21" saved me money and brought out six pairs of "Sports Illustrated" worth watching, but I had almost nothing. The right to claim these frames.

    EA Sports' Madden NFL series senior art director Jean Adams (Jean Adams) said that even after they played the game on their own, he and other developers felt satisfied with the same joy. Since Madden moved towards new Madden 21 Coins, these moments have become more frequent.

    Adams said: "It's almost like thousands of small things we do, sometimes consumers can't see it." "For example, when someone drives into the field, our character tracks the athlete's head correctly. So they look alive and look nervous. When people capture these nuances, they make the game less digital. It feels like an incredible moment."

    In terms of games, the highly criticized "Madden NFL" series received the most support in all sports events, and thus jumped to the new game console launched in November. But Adams is right. It is usually taken for granted to Buy Madden 21 Coins,if it is not an ordinary player, but a commenter like me, then it is taken for granted.

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