SWTOR Update 6.2.1 changed the Uprising, Amplifier and Conquest

  • BioWare today released the latest "Star Wars: The Old Republic" update. Although it is not huge, it aims to improve the player experience in certain areas. In particular, update 6.2.1 made changes to Uprising, Amplifier, and Conquest.

    One of the uprising changes is to only change them when the player can use them. It is now available for level 75 players, and they have also been adjusted to reflect this, and adjusted the difficulty and time required to complete. The drop rate of SWTOR Credits has also increased, which is always an advantage.

    As for Amplifiers, the developers have reorganized their UI and created a tree-based view that is clearer. Other colors have also been added to indicate standard quality amplifiers. In addition, the team also introduced the "Quality Lock" feature and reset the fee once a week to improve the chances of players getting the amplifier they want.

    Finally, swtor credits were adjusted to improve competition, introducing requirements such as a grace period for players joining the guild. The grace period limits the player's ability to contribute to the ongoing conquest invasion or XP when joining. The process goal has also been changed. They are no longer infinitely repeatable, but are available every day.

    Of course, this update does introduce other changes, but athese are the headlines. For the rest, you need to Buy SWTOR Credits on the IGGM website to view the patch notes