"Diablo 4" should draw inspiration from the path of exile apoca

  • Although "Diablo 4" may not be released for the time being, Blizzard should draw inspiration from the endgame of the path of exile to improve progress.

    In the online-only BlizzCon 2021 event, Blizzard revealed new information about Diablo 4, which is the next mainline game in the ARPG series Diablo based on loot . Although its predecessor, Diablo 3, eventually turned into a great game, this was not always the case because it suffered from major release and balance issues. Blizzard seems to be working hard to avoid avoiding these problems in Diablo 4 and assure fans that the new mainline game will make people familiar with it again.

    However, one of the biggest elements missing from the "Diablo" series is the endgame content, even though it was modified through the "Diablo 3" update and "DLC Reaper Soul". Compared to other ARPGs based on POE Currency(such as Path of Exile), Diablo games rarely motivate players to continue playing, and the balance between training and progress can be frustrating. With the development of "Diablo 4", Blizzard must work hard to create a stronger endgame for the final mainline champion.

    In addition to the issue of distribution, "Diablo 3" is mainly used for franchising. Changing the direction of the game may be frustrating for some fans, but despite Diablo 3’s balance problems, poor execution of the auction house and low drop rates, this ultimately makes the game easier for novices to use. But these mechanics have changed at the time of launch. Starting from the "Reaper's Soul" DLC, the game is in good condition. However, one of the biggest problems the franchise has to face is the lack of ending content, which is still the case for "Diablo 3".

    The problem is that goals are not always defined for players, and since many upgrades cannot be guaranteed, it quickly becomes a huge obstacle. In addition, the scaling difficulty in Diablo 3 is sometimes more of a trivia than a challenge, because Buy POE Currency rarely exceeds the content itself.

    On the other hand, games such as "Path of Exile" define the purpose and content of the final game for players to use. It is better to overcome bottlenecks in the production process through techniques, rather than repeating the same content over and over again. However, when players overcome these bottlenecks in their own structure or skill development, the final game content in "Path of Exile" will become a breeze.

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