EA Play will soon add the full version of Madden NFL 21, Star W

  • In most cases, EA Play has become my preferred way to check the games published by EA. I don’t have to spend money to buy digital copies of games that I don’t need to own, nor do I need to pay a full year of EA Play fees. Instead, I spent five months to get access to one month and make sure that the auto-renewal has been Enable leave.

    The service will launch three games: Madden NFL 21 (March 2), Star Wars: Squadron (March) and NHL 21 (April). If you subscribe to EA Play, you can play the full version.

    It’s worth noting: EA Play is directly integrated into Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S, so if you already have the Big Boy membership, you can find it here. (What about PC players? EA reiterated today that "EA Play will launch Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for PC in the second half of this year".) Have any of you accumulated years of Game Pass Ultimate through conversion transactions? )value? jealous.

    It is also worth mentioning that EA Play used to be called "EA Access" on game consoles and "Origin Access" on PC, and these three games have been added to the Play list, and the list was once called " Vault" is used. I might pass on these titles, but if you need Madden or Madden 21 Coins, or if you don’t mind participating in a single player game in Star Wars: Squadron, that’s fine.

    I am more focused on "it takes twice", which is a cooperative adventure carried out by the collaborators of the "outlet" of the lunatic asylum. I am weighing whether to buy Cheap Madden 21 Coins directly or to spend $15 a month to buy EA Play Pro. I know this "rental" style strategy is not suitable for everyone, but for EA games, I can accept it.