8011 thick aluminium foil suppliers

  • A thick aluminium foil refers to a foil whose thickness is among 0.1mm and 0.2mm, and normally rolls over 0.2mm thick aren't appeared as foil any extra. Among leading aluminium foil suppliers, we supply thick 8011 aluminium foil and other specs. We can procedure 8011 aluminum foil with thickness among 0.016 and zero.5mm. The aluminum foil is mainly used in the fields of pharmaceutical packaging, meals packaging, cable foil, milk cowl cloth, sealing foil and so on. 8011 aluminum foil is used for bottle caps: liquor bottle caps, purple wine caps, cosmetic caps, milk powder caps, scientific caps, beverage caps, yogurt caps, etc.
    Our 8011 thick aluminium foil has advantages of food grade purity, A grade water brushing and coffee ear fee, used pharmaceutical packaging, meals packaging, transformers, aluminum foil tapes, aluminum foil for cable belts, aluminum foil for filters and many others. A typical utilization is fish fry foil. A few meals (eg candy potatoes, golden mushrooms, and so on.) must be wrapped in aluminum foil to keep away from burning. Seafood and golden mushrooms wrapped in aluminum foil are stored unique tastes. The meals does not persist with the baking sheet or get touch with dirty things, and the foil trays can be cleaned greater without difficulty. Every other regular utilization is for cable wrapping. Because it has airtightness and shielding residences, the 8011 aluminum foil can also be used as a guard for the cable. But, before use, the aluminum foil also desires to be processed by a plastic movie. For cable aluminum foils, there are certain necessities in terms of period, mechanical residences and sealing performance, mainly for the period, which is very strict.
    Of course, the thick aluminium foil merchandise we supply include no longer simplest 8011 however additionally 1235, 8021, 3003, 8079 and many others. We've 20 yr production history and 11-year exporting enjoy to over 70 international locations, and you'll not remorse picking us out from numerous aluminium foil suppliers in China.