How To Use Heat Transfer Foil


    Here are the steps of the Heat Transfer Foil process:
    -Print the design as a mirror so it can be "read correctly" in the end.

    -Place the T-shirt on a hot press and add parchment paper on top of the shirt.

    -Next, heat the T-shirt for 5-10 seconds with medium pressure to remove wrinkles and moisture.

    -Remove the parchment paper and the position design on the shirt.

    -Place parchment paper over the design.

    -Heat at 330 ° F for 25 seconds under moderate pressure.

    – Carefully perform thermal peeling by starting at one corner and rolling the paper back against the grain in a smooth motion.

    Here's how to apply textile metal foil to the design:
    -Wrinkle the foil to add texture, then flatten it on top of the design.

    -Place parchment paper on top of the foil and heat at 330 ° F for 25 seconds.

    -Remove the parchment paper and allow the T-shirt to cool.

    -Just roll the foil off the shirt to reach the cold skin.

    Shirts printed with thermal transfer foil using thermal transfer paper and metal foil
    Heat transfer foil printing
    -The last step is to press again for 10 seconds to ensure the foil is glued.

    This is the case with thermal transfer paper using metal foil. The result is a T-shirt with outstanding colors and sparkles, adding size and appeal. And, as prices rise.