Chemical metal packaging materials

  • In the chemical industry, the choice of product packaging is crucial. Not only does it need to provide effective protection, it also needs to meet strict safety standards and quality control. We are proud to introduce chemical metal packaging materials that are ideal for your high quality, safe and reliable packaging needs. Whether you are a manufacturer in the chemical, pharmaceutical, or other fields, our chemical metal packaging materials provide you with excellent solutions.

    metal packaging materials
    Container performance requirements

    If the contents are to be delivered to the final consumer in a safe and secure manner, metal packaging materials for chemical products must have the following basic functions:

    1. Preserve and protect products
    2. Resist the chemical effects of the product
    3. Withstand handling and processing conditions
    4. Withstand external environmental conditions
    5. Be of correct size and physically interchangeable with similar products from other sources of supply (where necessary)
    6. Have shelf display attributes required for point-of-sale
    7. Provides easy opening and simple/safe product removal
    8. Should be constructed from recyclable raw materials.

    Why choose metal packaging materials?

    Superior protection: Metal packaging materials effectively protect chemicals and hazardous substances, ensuring their safety during transportation and storage.

    Comply with regulatory standards: Our chemical metal packaging materials comply with international and domestic regulatory standards to ensure the legality and compliance of your products.

    Environmentally friendly and sustainable: Chemical metal packaging materials can be reused, reducing waste generation and helping to protect the environment while saving you packaging costs.

    Various Specifications and Options: We offer a variety of specifications and options to meet different chemical packaging needs, including capacity, sealing performance and corrosion resistance.

    Application fields of metal packaging materials:

    Chemical Industry: From liquid chemicals to powders and solids, our packaging materials are suitable for a variety of chemical products.

    Pharmaceutical and Pharmaceutical Industry: Chemical metal packaging materials ensure the integrity and quality of pharmaceutical products and meet the strict standards of pharmaceutical packaging.

    Transportation of Hazardous Materials: For transporting hazardous chemicals, our packaging materials provide an extra layer of security.

    Advantages and Disadvantages of Metal Packaging Materials

    Metal cans are impermeable to moisture, gas and light. They are made from easily available and highly recyclable materials. Metal cans are compatible with many products, have high stacking strength, thermal stability, and good decorative, printed and coated surfaces. They have the potential for high-speed manufacturing and filling, and high-quality metal cans have good sealing and anti-corrosion properties, ensuring that the product will not deteriorate easily when it is delivered to consumers. Many designs today offer easy-open ends that require no tools to remove the contents. The can’s two-piece design eliminates the possibility of contents leaking as there are no side or bottom seams

    Why choose us?

    Fanxun has more than 10 years of industry experience in the field of chemical metal packaging materials and can provide professional advice and support. Based on your needs and production systems, you’ll find the metal packaging materials that best suit your business to create your look. At Fanxun, you can choose from a number of options designed by the best experts who will strive to package your product with precision and care to make your product stand out in the market.