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  • Best Global Hiring Consulting Firm

    We are one among the best consulting firm for Hire in Global . We have a very talented team of professionals who are passionate and dedicated to hire candidates for our International clients.


    As we have gained expertise in Indian hiring, now we are in a mission to get ourselves to the Global Market by keeping our vision to deliver quality services based on client’s requirement. We are looking forward to grow rapidly in supporting the international market for their hiring requirements and maintaining a good relationship with our clients. 


    We core focus is always towards providing the top class recruitment services based on innovation technical excellence and reliability of delivering on time service. 


    Top Recruitment Consultancy in Delhi and Pan India

    Kalp Solutions is one of the best recruitment consulting firm in Delhi offering services for IT and Non – IT recruitment for all small, medium and MNC companies in Pan India who wish to outsource their recruitment functions. Kalp Solutions has 3+ years of experience and a team of professional handle the recruitment for our clients in Delhi and Pan India. 




    Types of Recruitment Services Offered:

    Executive Recruitment

    Executive Recruitment is scouting and sourcing highly qualified professionals for superior level positions like CEO, COO and other Senior most executive levels of any organizations. 


    Mid Level or Support Level Recruitment

    Mid Level or Support Level Recruitment is head hunting and sourcing qualified professionals for mid level or support level positions like Senior Managers, Managers, Assistant Managers of any organizations. 


    Frontline Line Recruitment

    Frontline Recruitment is searching and find skilled professionals for frontline operations positions like Customer Care Executive, Sales personals, Team leaders of any levels at any organizations. 


    Permanent Staffing

    Permanent Staffs are those employees who will have a permanent job in the company they apply with. These employee are liable to get all the benefits of the organization same as other full time employees.




    Temporary Staffing

    Temporary employees are those who are hired for a short period of time and depends on their performance during the tenure, they will be converted to a permanent role in the organization. The temporary employees do not receive any benefits that permanent employees receive in the organzations.


    IT Staffing

    Scouting and head hunting highly skilled professionals for companies that deals in Information Technology. These hiring would be challenging as new technologies  are emerging every year. 


    Campus Hiring

    Campus hiring helps to get the pool of fresh graduates who have the skill that can be moulded as per the company requirement by providing right industrial training during the job. 




    Bulk or BPO Hiring

    Bulk hiring is scouting and sourcing skilled talents in bulk for service level positions like Customer Service, Customer Support, Technical Support etc. for any multi national organizations.