How to check transaction history on MetaMask Chrome or the app?

  • If you have been trading crypto assets, there are a lot of factors you need to keep in mind during your journey. First of all, comes the selection of a crypto exchange. Once done with that, you then need to choose a crypto wallet for the safe storage of your purchased crypto assets. However, there is one more thing that you need to keep in mind i.e. keeping track of your transaction history so that a potential scam can be avoided. Hence, today, through this read, we shall take a look at the steps that you need to follow if you wish to check your transaction details via MetaMask Chrome and some other ways to do so.

    Method 1- Check the transaction history via the MetaMask app 

    1. Open the MetaMask App on your mobile
    2. Now, log into your wallet (If not done already)
    3. Then, you should tap on the hamburger icon
    4. Further, select the "Transaction History" option
    5. Thereafter, you can select the token of your choice
    6. The transaction history of your token will then be displayed

    Method 2- Review and check the history via the MetaMask extension 

    1. Open the MetaMask Chrome extension on your device
    2. Now, scroll down through the main screen
    3. You'll be able to view the transaction history

    Method 3- Check the history via Block Explorer 

    1. Open the preferred block explorer on your device
    2. Further, you can copy your wallet address
    3. Following this, you can paste this wallet address into the search bar
    4. Now, you'll be provided with a transaction list

    Method 4- Review transaction history via Etherscan 

    1. Open the MetaMask extension on your device
    2. Now, click on the three-dots menu in the upper-right corner
    3. Further, you can select the "View Account" option on Etherscan
    4. Next up, you'll be able to see your Trades
    5. Below these trades, you'll see a "Download" option, select it

    Method 5- Check transaction history on the Zerion app 

    In case you have deleted your MetaMask Chrome account but still wish to check the transaction history, then you can easily do so by using the Zerion app. For this, you just need to enter the wallet address into the app and you're good to go.

    Is there another way to check transaction details on MetaMask? 

    Yes, there's definitely another way through which you can find out the transactions made through your MetaMask Chrome extension as well as the app. We have already discussed the first method in the section above. In the second method, you just need to sign into your MetaMask account and tap on the "clock" icon present there to view the details of your activity. Following this, you must select a particular transaction in the list to view its complete details.


    In short, we can say that it is pretty easy to check transaction details on the MetaMask extension and the app. The article contains several methods to get your hands on the information that you want. However, you must perform this action only when you are alone. Sharing details of your available MetaMask balance could attract scammers to hack into your account. Make sure you are using your personal device to track these details for higher safety.