Enameled Rectangular Copper Wire Production Process

  •   Fine enameled aluminum square wire disconnected and reconnected process

       1. Statement:

       This sintered wiring method was not invented by me. It came from there and forgot. I am only the beneficiary of this method. I am afraid that the young friends will not know it and put it on the old. If you say something wrong, please take a look.

    1. Scope of application: The sintered wiring method (hereinafter referred to as the method) is only applicable to amateur-level repairs of general fine-line inductance components in low-voltage circuits. DIY, instrument moving coil repairs are not suitable, and it is hereby explained that it cannot be misleading. Use on mining machines For winding matching transformers, reed coils can be used.
    2. The advantages of this method: fast, thin wires with a wire diameter of 0.08mm or less, it is troublesome to break during winding, the sand thread eats tin, and it breaks accidentally... Its advantage is that the two-wire phase and the knotting, The fire fusion is over. It saves time and does not add resistance to the wiring.

       4. Introduction to the implementation method:

    4.1. Knotting: Pull out the two ends of the broken thread (if the thread on the skeleton is too short, take it out a little), and tie the thread, pinch the merging thread with your left finger, and tie the knot (see the picture). It is equal to 20mm, the second line is closer, and it is better to be closer together. Use moderate force to avoid breaking the line.

    4.2 Sintering: Light a match or lighter with your right hand, pinch the two threads with your left finger, and place the knot 30mm away from your fingers (be careful to burn your fingers). The high temperature area of ​​the flame is aimed at a place 10-15mm outside the knot, and the second thread instantly burns red. Melt, bead, and withdraw the fire, and the remaining thread tails will automatically fall. Novices should practice more, and soon get used to it. Melt beads, round ones are also beautiful, and the waist shape is also beautiful, the key is that the fusion is good, and the inner Low resistance and reliable. If the melting beads and knots are too long, the insulating paper will be used for a long time, and it will take up the volume of the wire package (try out the appropriate length by yourself).

    4.3 enameled rectangular copper wire pad insulation paper: No matter the kind of wiring, insulation paper is indispensable. Paper is commonly used for cable paper or telephone paper. It is nothing more than light and thin, good toughness, and good insulation. There are many varieties of this paper, and it can be used. If the coil needs to be Insulating varnish treatment, it is necessary to consider the problem of dissolution. There is a problem with the position of the insulating paper. One should consider the internal insulation margin, and the other should be considered: how to press the insulating paper in the next circle of wires, and the card of the paper The next row direction is the same (only the insulating paper can be pressed).