Transportation Of Enameled Copper Square Wire

  • In the transportation and storage of enameled aluminum strip, there are many details that need to be paid attention to. The editor below will tell you about it.
    1. During transportation and loading and unloading, ensure that the copper-clad aluminum wire and coil are not damaged, and it is strictly forbidden to push the copper-clad aluminum coil directly from the car. The cable reel cannot be transported and stored horizontally.
    2. Before transporting or rolling the coil, the copper-clad aluminum coil is required to be wound stably and tightly. When rolling, follow the direction of the arrow on the reel or the winding direction of the wire.
    3. After arriving at the site, check the copper clad aluminum wire and its accessories in time.
    4. If the copper clad aluminum wire and related materials are not installed immediately, they should be stored according to the relevant classification, and the type, voltage, specification and length should be indicated.
    The above are the details of the transportation and storage of enameled copper square wire, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.