The Conductive Work Of Enameled Rectangular Copper Wire

  •   Method 1: First heat the enameled rectangular copper wire slightly with fire, then lightly sand it with fine sandpaper until it is shiny

       pay attention to heating with the inner flame of fire

       The temperature of the outer flame is too high and it will simply burn out!

      Method 2: Scrape with a knife

       Method 3: For the thicker and harder ones, use needle-nose pliers to clamp them and twist them back and forth. The softer and finer ones can only be scratched.

    Method 4: Apply rosin to the broken end of the enameled wire, and then intrude the section into the molten tin of the soldering iron tip. Since the section is not painted, the tin is applied, and the temperature is transferred to the enameled wire when the temperature is good. There is no paint around the section. Relying on, it will fall off soon, and it will be tinned soon! The key points are three points: stick rosin at the broken end, immerse the section in molten tin, and the temperature of the soldering iron should be higher!

    It is more difficult to remove the entire insulating varnish, especially from the point of view of ordinary people, there is a simple way, that is, the section of the enameled aluminum square wire can be conductive, and it can be partially conductive by dedicating a small piece of insulation. effect

       It's hard to scrape with a thick knife (just don't cut it off). It's hard to scrape with a thin knife. Use a soldering iron!

       Use a lighter to burn, then wipe it with paper, light a small fire, burn it on it, and wipe it off.