The Development Of Enameled Aluminum Square Wire Industry

  • enameled aluminum square wire has always been a very important industry in the national economy, and with the continuous changes and development of the market, the enameled wire industry is also constantly adjusted and upgraded. From the current point of view, the future of the entire enameled wire industry will move towards Development in the following three areas.

    First of all, the structural adjustment of the enameled wire industry will continue to accelerate. The diversification of market demand and the upgrading of technology are important incentives for accelerating the adjustment of the enameled wire industry. This also allows the general enameled wire to maintain stable growth while greatly increasing the development and promotion of special enameled wires. .

    Secondly, the concentration of the enameled wire industry will further increase. As my country’s economy enters a new normal, the growth rate is gradually slowing down, and various industries are facing the problem of overcapacity. At the national level, backward production capacity is also beginning to be eliminated, and the shutdown is polluting. Business. At present, my country's enameled wire companies are mainly concentrated in the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta, and Bohai Bay. There are more than 1,000 companies in the industry, but most of them are small and medium-sized manufacturers, and the industry concentration is not high. However, with the continuous acceleration of the industrial structure upgrade of the enameled wire downstream industry, the integration of the enameled wire industry will be further promoted. The enameled wire enterprises with good reputation, large scale and high technical level will have more advantages in the competition, and the industry concentration will be further improved. .

    In addition, energy conservation and environmental protection will also be the key direction for the development of the enameled wire industry. Now environmental protection and energy conservation are getting more and more attention, and the requirements for green innovation of enterprises are getting higher and higher. The traditional production process of enameled wire will cause a lot of pollution. If the standards are met, the pressure on environmental protection will increase accordingly. Therefore, in this context, more enameled rectangular copper wire companies need to improve their environmental protection capabilities and strengthen green production.