Yellowing Treatment Of Aluminum Magnet Wire

  •    In a sense, ECCA wire manufacturer is a finishing and assembly industry. Among them, the choice of copper enameled wire is particularly important. If you are not careful, it may cause a safety accident. Share with you some reasons and disposal methods for the yellowing of copper enameled wire.

      The yellow copper enameled wire usually has the following reasons:

       1. The temperature of the tin furnace is too high, and the activity is large, resulting in too large pinholes in the coating, and copper and tin soaking quickly

      2, the tin layer is too thin, the copper and tin soak quickly

      3. There are too many halogen residues in the flux, and the copper surface is not thoroughly pickled

      4, the packaging time is too fast, the heat has not been dissipated, and the tin furnace has too much impurities

      5. The quality of copper is not good enough and there are too many impurities

      6. ​​The temperature has an effect on the activity of copper atoms. Hot weather turns yellow faster than cold weather.

       These problems can be dealt with in the following ways:

      1. Die aperture> line warp + 0.02mm;

      2. Place it for about 2 hours before packaging;

      3. Purchase a good flux and prepare a good flux concentration. The main reason is that the flux affects the quality of tin plating;

       4. Choose a better oxygen-free copper wire.

    With the deepening of the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection and the expansion of demand for environmentally friendly products from time to time, many industries of aluminum magnet wire hardware and electrical machinery have also been moving towards energy conservation: LED, energy conservation and environmental protection materials, energy-saving doors and windows, construction waste disposal and recycling equipment, air sources Energy-saving and environmentally-friendly hardware and electromechanical products such as heat pumps are supported by policies and have huge market potentials, expanding their market share from time to time.