The Quality Of Enamelled Wire

  • Although the quality of Aluminum Enameled Wire depends to a large extent on the quality of raw materials such as paint and wires and the objective conditions of machinery and equipment, if you do not take a series of problems such as baking, annealing, and speed in operation seriously, and recognize them Interrelationships, no mastery of operation technology, no conscientious work of touring and parking, and no good workmanship, no matter how good the objective conditions are, no high-quality enameled wire can be produced. Therefore, the decisive factor for a good enameled wire is people, and people's sense of responsibility for work.


    1. Before starting the catalytic combustion hot air circulation enamelling machine, the fan should be turned on to make the air in the furnace circulate at a slow speed. The furnace and the catalytic zone are preheated with electric heating, so that the temperature of the catalytic zone reaches the specified catalyst light-off temperature.


    1. "Three Qin" and "Three Checks" in production operations.


    The diligent paint film is measured once an hour, and the zero position of the micrometer card is corrected before the measurement. When measuring the line, the micrometer and the line are kept at the same speed, and the large line should be measured in two mutually perpendicular directions.


    Frequent school wiring often observe the back and forth wiring and tension tightness, and correct it in time. Check whether the lubricating oil is proper.


    Check the surface frequently to observe whether the enameled wire has any defects such as graininess and paint peeling during the coating process, find out the cause, and correct it immediately. For the defective products on the car, unscrew it in time.


    Check the operation to check whether the running parts are normal, pay attention to the tightness of the pay-off shaft, to prevent the rolling head, wire breakage and wire diameter thinning.


    Check the temperature, speed and viscosity according to the process requirements.


    Continue to pay attention to whether the raw materials meet the technical requirements during the production process of raw materials.


    1. In the production and operation of enamelled wire, attention should also be paid to the problems of explosion and fire. There are several kinds of fire situations:


    One is that the entire furnace is completely burnt, which is often caused by the excessive vapor density of the furnace cross section or the furnace temperature; the second is that the amount of paint on several wires is too much when threading, which causes several wires to catch fire. To prevent fire, firstly, strictly control the temperature of the process furnace, and secondly, make the furnace ventilated smoothly.


    1. Finishing after parking


    The finishing work after parking mainly refers to cleaning the old glue at the furnace mouth, cleaning the paint tank and guide wheel, and doing a good job in the enameling machine and the surrounding environmental sanitation. In order to keep the paint tank clean, if you do not drive immediately, you should cover the paint tank with paper to avoid the introduction of impurities.