Introduction To Copper Magnet Wire Detection

  •      magnet wire, with two thermal grades of 105 and 120, has excellent impact toughness, adhesion, resistance to insulating oil and refrigerant, but the product has poor water resistance, heat softening, low penetration temperature, and durable phenyl alcohol The mixed organic solvent has weak performance and other shortcomings, only a small amount is used for winding of oil-immersed transformers and oil-filled motors.
      1. Adhesion: Whether the paint film is cracked during rapid pulling.

    1. Pinhole: A small round hole in the paint film that cannot be identified by looking at the experimental raw materials of a certain length.
        3. Wear resistance (loss): When using the friction coefficient paint film of the abrasion tester, the frequency of seeing the electric conductor or the destruction value of the friction coefficient is used.
        4. Flexible (flexibility): When winding or stretching, whether the paint film cracks or does not cause pinholes.
         5. High temperature and destructive resistance: When stretching or winding, heat under the required standard, depending on whether the paint film is cracked.
         6. Solderability: According to the required standard temperature, solder wire, depending on whether the solder wire adheres symmetrically.

      7. The insulating layer destroys the working voltage: twist the double-strand enameled wire into one, and apply the working voltage between the electric conductors to destroy the working voltage with the paint film.
      8. Aging resistance: When heating under the required standard, it is indicated by the working voltage value of whether the paint film causes pinholes or the insulation layer to destroy.
      9. Resistance to softening: Heat the cross-type enameled wire under the required standard and connect it to the power supply to determine whether there is a short-circuit fault or the temperature of a short-circuit fault. Or the stranded copper magnet wire is heated under the required standards, depending on whether the paint film is abnormal.