How To Make Money Fast In Animal Crossing

  • If players need to gather new insects and fish, they only need a fishing rod, net, ladder and vault pole to get around. If they want to inventory up on stones, wood or fruit, then they are able to carry an axe or shovel, a ladder and a vault pole Animal Crossing Items. Whichever tools players bring, they should also equip a pair stones and iron nuggets in case equipment ruin and they need to make new ones.

    It's possible to use an iron awl to get timber or bamboo from bushes, however this will cut the bushes down after three hits. Players who need to carry trees returned can use a weaker axe to get timber and wasps, then consume fruit to get robust and dig up trees. With rocks, gamers must get as many resources as possible by means of putting off something surrounding the rock (weeds, stones, vegetation), then digging a hole at the back of them in order that they do not bounce back too a long way when they hit them Rocks produce the maximum resources when they're hit repeatedly and quick; after their sources are spent, gamers can eat fruit and ruin them for one ultimate item. There will also be plenty of plants at the island that can be picked or dug as much as replant on gamers' islands.