discount Mini Resistance Bands

  • discount Mini Resistance Bands Description Item noSP-9 Material100% Natural latex Place of OriginChina FOB portShanghai,Ningbo etc Supply Ability600,000pcs per month MOQ1000pcs per size OEMYes Production time15-35 days Sample timeA:2 days without logo B:6-9 days with custom logo PaymentT/T, Western Union, PayPal, L/C, etc. Specification Description Length Width Thickness Resistance Remark Mini loop band9”/10”/12”/20”2” or 3”0.35mm3-7lbs1.Customer color and size are available 2.Both single color and double color bands are available 3.Packing can be polybag, blister, color box etc. 0.4mm4-8lbs 0.5mm6-10lbs 0.65mm10-15lbs 0.7mm12-16lbs 0.95mm14-18lbs 1.1mm16-20lbs 1.25mm18-25lbs 41”3.5cm2mm in thickness, special design for ballet dancer, together with strap etc Micro bands workout will completely transform your arms Use micro bands to target every inch of your chest, back, and arms. Free weights are great, micro bands rely on gravity for resistance and limit movement. Micro bands are elastic, you are able to create increased force on both the upward and downward movement of an exercise. You're also able to move throughout different planes of motion so you really hit every muscle. The most important thing to remember is that you really need to maintain proper posture throughout each move.Work to keep the band pulling apart and taut." 1. Double Hammer Curl to Row and Front Lateral Raise Targets: Biceps, back, shoulders a.Wrap a work out bands around your wrists, palms facing in, and pull the band shoulder apart. b.Keeping your elbows glued to your sides and the band pulled wide. c.Squeeze your elbows behind your back, then lower hands back to start as you finish the biceps curl. d.Lift arms in front of you at chest height, once again keeping the body band pulled apart. e.Lower arms back down to starting position. (So it’s curl up, row, curl down, lateral front raise.) 2.Reverse Grip Single-Arm Curl and Row Targets: Biceps, back, shoulders a.Hold the body band with both hands, right palm facing up and left palm facing down. b.Pull the body band shoulder-width apart to keep it taut, and then curl your right hand toward your shoulder, making sure to keep the left hand still and in line with your left shoulder. c.Squeeze your right elbow behind you, performing a row. d.Bring the elbow back to your side and lower your right hand back to start. 3.Side Lateral Raise Targets: Shoulders a.Loop a body band around your wrists, palms facing each other, and bend elbows to 90 degrees. b.Keeping your wrists straight, slowly raise your right elbow out to the side until it reaches shoulder height. c.Return to the center and repeat on the opposite side. discount Mini Resistance Bands website: