Even hardwood cabinets usually do not include Cabinet Baseboard

  •   Even hardwood cabinets usually do not include Cabinet Baseboard. It is usually made of pine or poplar wood. The Cabinet Baseboard is only used as support and requires some type of Cabinet Baseboard decoration to complete. Vinyl is widely used for Cabinet Baseboard or skirting board decoration because vinyl is an economical, durable surface that can withstand blows.

      Sometimes called a vinyl cover base, it is waterproof and durable enough to withstand kicks, scratches, and dents. The real charm of vinyl skirting lies in its ability to adapt to surface deviations. It bends to accommodate strange shapes and uneven floor lines. Because it is usually flexible enough to bend around corners, you can use long pieces without cutting. When you really need to cut, it is easy to trim with a utility knife. For convenience, a molded angle is also provided. Choose from a variety of colors to match existing designs, and use adhesives for installation.

      Aluminum Skirting Board is also our product, welcome to consult and purchase.