The Use Of Skirting Boards

  •     A skirting board is usually a board that extends along the boundary between the floor and the wall. Its main function is to cover uneven edges, protect interior walls from abrasion, prevent abrasion, and more. It is also called a skirting board.

        The standard size for skirting heights is around 145mm, which is about 6 inches. In addition, the skirting boards are 12mm thick. The thickness of the 12mm skirting line adopts pencil edge, square edge, curved edge, and other profiles.

        Purpose of skirting boards:

       1) so as not to damage the connection between the wall and the floor.

       2) Avoid leaving traces of dirt on the walls when cleaning and mopping.

        3)Covering - covering the space between the wall and the floor

        4)Increase the beauty of the house _ _

        5)Provide some space between walls and furniture.

        6)Avoid marks on furniture

        7)Hide nudity and topstitching in interior spaces.

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