How To Use Kitchen Cabinet Feet Better?

  •     Kitchen cupboard feet are household tools, which can generally support and stabilize. For cabinets, it is indispensable. At present, the cabinet feet we can understand include plastic adjustable legs, metal cabinet feet, wooden cabinet feet, and so on. Let's take a brief look at their characteristics.

        PVC material plastic adjustable legs: This is a kind of plastic material, which is relatively brittle. It will age and become brittle after a long time of use. It is a kind of cabinet foot that are easy to break.

    1. Aluminum alloy cabinet feet: This kind of material has good hardness, does not rust and is durable.
    2. Solid wood cabinet feet: Cooperate with solid wood cabinets, but everyone should pay attention not to let the water soak, otherwise, there will be serious corrosion and affect the service life.
    3. Wooden cabinet feet: generally used with solid wood or blister door panels. However, due to the close distance between the cabinet feet and the ground, the wood material is easy to absorb water and becomes damp, and the water vapor will rise along the feet and endanger the entire cabinet body.
    4. Imported frosted metal feet with waterproof rubber: not only waterproof, moisture-proof, no mold, no rust, but also beautiful and durable, will not be damaged for life.
    5. Aluminum-plastic cabinet feet: Most the cabinets now use aluminum-plastic feet, which are divided into one layer and two layers, and the height is 115MM.

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