3 Essential Things To Avoid Before Update 40 In ESO, 2023

  • Update 40 for Elder Scrolls Online is right around the corner, and it's bringing some significant changes that will affect various aspects of the game, including the in-game economy. In this guide, we'll discuss three essential things you should stop doing until Update 40 is released. These changes will impact both experienced and new players, making it crucial to be informed and adapt your gameplay accordingly.

    Plentiful Harvest Fix

    The first thing you should stop doing before Update 40 is chasing after those Champion Point nodes related to Plentiful Harvest. In the patch notes, there's a small but critical mention of fixing the Plentiful Harvest node, particularly its first stage. Previously, the first stage of this node did not correctly grant a 10% chance to harvest maximum resources. This seemingly minor bug has been persisting since the introduction of the Champion Point system. As a result, the maximum rank of Plentiful Harvest only offered a 40% chance to double the resources, not the advertised 50%.

    So, if you felt like your RNG was worse than it should be, you weren't imagining it; it was indeed bugged. Now, with the upcoming update, this issue should be resolved, and you should finally get the full 50% chance to double the resources you gather from nodes.


    Jewelry Upgrades

    The second thing to avoid doing before Update 40 is upgrading your jewelry. While if you urgently need an upgrade and have plenty of materials, go ahead. However, if you can wait, it's highly recommended. ZeniMax Online Studios (ZOS) is entirely revamping the jewelry upgrading system. They are getting rid of the grain system, and only platings will remain. Additionally, they're adjusting the amount of platings needed for upgrades to match other crafting types, which significantly reduces the overall cost of jewelry upgrades. For example, going from purple to gold will now require eight platings instead of four.

    What should you do in the meantime? You don't need to do anything actively. The conversion from grains to platings will happen automatically in your inventory. However, the key is to avoid any activities that consume these resources, such as upgrading your jewelry or crafting specific jewelry items for crafting writs. Hold off on these until after Update 40 to maximize your resource efficiency.


    Master Crafting Writs

    The third and final category of activities to avoid until Update 40 is your master crafting writs. Specifically, the jewelry crafting writs are worth waiting for because they will become more rewarding due to the changes in resource costs. These writs will only drop in purple and gold quality, and the rewards will be adjusted accordingly. So, if you have any jewelry crafting writs saved up, it's a good idea to complete them after the update.

    On the other hand, consumable master crafting writs for Alchemy, Enchanting, and Provisioning are not changing in terms of the number of vouchers they reward. However, there have been updates to XP and eso gold gains from various quest types. Consumable master crafting writs will now offer the maximum amount of XP from a quest, making them more rewarding in that regard. If you're not concerned about XP and just need the writ vouchers, you can still complete these writs, but waiting until after Update 40 will provide better XP rewards.


    Bonus Tip: Saving Vouchers for Grandmaster Crafting Stations

    • With Update 40, Grandmaster crafting stations will be introduced, each costing 1,500 Master Writ vouchers.
    • While whether or not to spend your vouchers on these stations will depend on your current voucher count and preferences, it's worth noting that it will require a total of 6,000 vouchers to obtain all four stations.
    • Consider saving your vouchers if you have an eye on these stations or if you want to keep your options open for future updates.


    As Update 40 approaches in Elder Scrolls Online, it's crucial to adapt your in-game activities to make the most of the upcoming changes. By avoiding jewelry upgrades, holding off on certain master writs, and considering your voucher spending carefully, you can ensure a smoother transition into this exciting new era of Tamriel's adventures. Stay vigilant, prepare wisely, and may your journey in ESO be ever rewarding!